By using their new three-part brain to create ideas, and developing their new potential for speech, our first human ancestors began an experiment in cooperative living. It was to share their new ideas by learning to "talk" to each other, form and carry out cooperative group plans of defensive action, and thereby increase their chance for survival and happiness in a dangerous world.
This "Human Experiment" worked very well. Their shared, cooperative ideas became the first culture, a unique human invention that guided their group thinking and behavior in a cooperative direction, and put them on a highly successful course for a long time.
Then their descendants unknowingly altered their Cultural Process and put themselves on the self-destructive course on which we find ourselves today. How did that happen, and how can we now regain our successful course? The answers to these questions will be presented in this blog, and they offer us humans "A Reason for Hope."

PLEASE NOTE: Out of my experience in WWII has come the rest of this blog, so to understand it all it is necessary to begin with Part One by clicking below.

Feb 12, 2012

Chapter 6      Conclusion  

    Why do we humans need a reason for hope? Because our battle to survive and enjoy life has become so difficult that too many persons are losing all hope and surrendering to our enemy. The conclusion of this study is that the main cause of this human tragedy is that to win a battle, one must first identify and understand one’s enemy, and we Humans have not yet done either.
    Instead, we have been accusing each other of being our enemy. For example, in the U.S. the Republicans and Democrats have called each other our enemy, as have the poor and the rich, and so on, while some 99% of the people call the giant, greedy Corporations our enemy. In this study we have made a point of digging deeper, and I think that having read this far in it you can join me in identifying our real enemy as being our corrupted  culture. Also, I think that you can agree with me that we have acquired enough information to understand it, meaning how our first human ancestors created a human Culture which was their best friend, and how their descendants unknowingly made changes which caused it to become their, and our, worst enemy.
    However, it is not entirely accurate to imply that we have not been hunting for our real enemy, even though we did not know that we were. What we did know was that we were seeking “the truth” through our invention and rules of the “scientific method,” and seeking “the truth” in this way happened to include hunting for our invisible, deadly enemy.
    So acquiring our vital information about our real enemy has not been entirely by accident, but the result of centuries of hard work by dedicated persons all over our planet, and its parts have been gradually fitted together to become our actual Human Story from its beginning into the present time. Very fortunately it tells us what we need to know in order to save ourselves from the seemingly irreversible, suicidal course on which we now are. Our New Human Story is especially inspiring to us today, because it shows us that, like us, our first human ancestors were on  an unsuccessful course but managed to take themselves off of it and put themselves on a new, highly successful course, and it shows us how we can now do the same thing for ourselves today!
    The reason for this is that our New Story shows us exactly why and how those early events  occurred, and how similar the situation was to ours today. People lived in an environment in which they had a powerful enemy that was killing them randomly at will. Fortunately, they had inherited certain new survival tools which enabled them to solve their problem. These included a three-part brain system, and the mental and physical potential for “speech.” As individual persons they had begun to use their three-part brain to create new ideas for cooperative group actions to defend themselves, and that had caused in each of them a strong desire to develop their potential for speech so as to share their ideas with the other members of their group. Cooperative ideas and speech enabled them to create a plan whereby instead of running in panic from their enemy they stood together and used their new weapons to fight. Their plan required great personal courage and skill but it was successful and put them and their descendants on their new course for a long time. This was in great part due to their collecting their successful ideas to form the first human Culture, and passing it along to each new generation, who updated the ideas and added new ones to keep up with their changing and evolving world.
    Thus we saw that from the human beginning the Culture had been composed of ideas that guided the thinking and behavior of the persons in a group, and that because their ideas were made by all group members agreeing together, i.e. democratically, the Culture was inclusive and beneficial. We called it a “Third-Brain Culture,” because at that time (i.e. long before the emergence of the fourth brain) this third brain was the “smartest”one and therefore the natural leader of the three.
    We saw that because humans were surrounded by the natural environment they studied the causes and effects of its workings in order to become able to understand and predict events, and that their ability to use “reasoning” to make connections was based on the workings of their three-part brain, which was not only very smart, but self-correcting and evolving. We called this successful action “the Human Learning Process,” because humans ran their creation of ideas through it, put their ideas which proved to be logical and helpful into their evolving Culture, and discarded their ideas which proved to be illogical and harmful.
    We saw that the first step toward losing their successful course was that because of their success in increasing their control over their lives by natural means, they tried to increase it even more by supernatural means, by using their imagination to create imaginary gods whom they could praise in order to receive their (imagined) favor and help. We saw that the result of putting these wrong ideas into the third-brain culture was to begin to invalidate the Human Learning Process, which began to weaken the Cultural Process. We saw that the second and conclusive step toward losing their successful course was their change from building democratic agricultural villages to building towns. That resulted in town merchants acquiring surpluses of goods, which created a division in the acquisition of wealth, from which emerged a ruling class who completely destroyed democracy, the Human Learning Process, the Cultural Process, and the Human Experiment. Having achieved all that, in order to maintain their rule they suppressed the new ideas needed for change, which caused  the third-brain Culture to stop evolving, stagnate, and become corrupted by power-seeking persons. That caused human evolution to stop and be replaced by human devolution, kings, armies, war, and slavery.
    The terrible result is today’s world, in which persons are split into two groups (which is  especially easy to discern in the U.S.):
- All that the corrupted-Third-brain persons can see and believe is that to survive one must keep  acquiring money, even if it requires one to steal, lie, cheat, and when thought necessary, kill, in order to gain the power they believe they must have to gain even more power to survive.
- What the persons in the other group are beginning to see is that there is only one way for a person to have what he or she really needs and desires— including peace, nutritious food, clean air, water, and soil, health care, decent housing and clothes, friendship, trust, rewarding work, just government by the people, and a green planet—  is to cooperate with each other person on our shrinking planet Earth, and build a new, cooperative Culture in which our Fourth Brain will be able to develop its qualities of love, compassion, empathy, understanding, and our advanced intellectual abilities, so that each person can see that global cooperation is actually the goal and the product of universal “enlightened self interest.”
    To continue to move toward this goal we need to learn how to live in communities designed to meet the needs of each person from conception through their natural life span. This design must include governments built inside the laws of Nature, rather than on top of them, which practice has been the major cause of our inability to govern ourselves successfully ever since we separated ourselves from studying and following the guiding forces of the workings of our natural environment. Very fortunately, we have built a global communication system through which we can help each other learn how to meet our vital needs, including our vital need for global population stabilization through our new methods of contraception which can prevent too many  pregnancies. These advances, along with our new knowledge about how to restore our Human Culture to its original greatness, offer us... a reason for hope.





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