By using their new three-part brain to create ideas, and developing their new potential for speech, our first human ancestors began an experiment in cooperative living. It was to share their new ideas by learning to "talk" to each other, form and carry out cooperative group plans of defensive action, and thereby increase their chance for survival and happiness in a dangerous world.
This "Human Experiment" worked very well. Their shared, cooperative ideas became the first culture, a unique human invention that guided their group thinking and behavior in a cooperative direction, and put them on a highly successful course for a long time.
Then their descendants unknowingly altered their Cultural Process and put themselves on the self-destructive course on which we find ourselves today. How did that happen, and how can we now regain our successful course? The answers to these questions will be presented in this blog, and they offer us humans "A Reason for Hope."

PLEASE NOTE: Out of my experience in WWII has come the rest of this blog, so to understand it all it is necessary to begin with Part One by clicking below.

Dec 20, 2011

PART ONE: World War II: My Story

My name is Jim Jeffrey, and I'm a World War Two combat veteran with a story to tell. I'm joining the river of humanity on the Internet as a result of getting help, after always having worked on my own. I got the idea of putting myself on Facebook, because it is global, and putting a link on it to send Friends to a website/blog, but I didn't know how to go about it. Then I met Christine and she volunteered to help! Thanks to her dedication to peace and justice, and to her many skills, my life's work shall not wither and die! You can help, too, if you like what we are doing, by sharing our website with your Friends in our nation and around the world.
This is the patch that I wore on my uniform
as a Pfc in an A Company light  machine gun squad.
My unit was the 62nd Armored Infantry Battalion
of the 14th Armored Division.
Part One of our website/blog is an exciting World War II true story which we hope can help lead us all to peace, cooperation, and prosperity. To begin the story click below:
http://thehumanexperimentinliving.blogspot.com/p/world-war-ii.html  This link will take you to the full text of of the war story, and you can share your thoughts as comments on this post.

Now we are preparing Part Two: The New Human Story, and have begun to publish it as chapters. You can follow them through the links on the side, in the gadget titled Blog Navigator. As we add each new chapter, it will appear there as a link. This way of writing in a blog format allows us to make corrections and add new discoveries and updates as we go along, and it enables you to comment and keep in touch. We think that recognizing the evolving status of "The Human Experiment" and putting the information on the global communication system is a vital step in our Human Evolution.  (After reading Part One: WW II, go to the Blog Navigator and click on Part Two,  The New Human Story, Introduction.)

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